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Business Development

SAMI offers a wide range of business development tools, training, and analysis.  We provide Free project evaluation and written proposals.  Our Advisory Network covers almost every aspect of business development.

We have worked in over 90 different industries both low tech and high tech as well as low touch and high touch.  Some examples are:  

  • Dr. Needham also has worked on several national class action cases as an expert witness which has recovered millions for the plaintiffs.  His team has done complex forensic data analysis on millions of records.
  • Dr. Needham has been a board member and strategic planner for one of the largest citrus growers in the United States which also manages the very proprietary intellectual property (IP) on fruit tree manufacturing.
  • Dr. Needham serves as a board member of an internationally known recording artist and large church and has developed several business strategies for this ministry.
  • Dr. Needham is a business advisor to high-net-worth individuals and helps with due diligence for business development from their trusts.
  • Dr. Needham works with small and medium-sized businesses to find the strategy for competing with larger business concerns.
  • SAMI has consulted or coached in the U.S. and internationally on a wide range of projects from: 
    • Franchise Concepts of All Kinds
    • IP Commercialization
    • Compensation and Sharing
    • Retail
    • Pharmaceutical 
    • Wholesale
    • Cooperatives
    • Marketing Companies
    • Insurance Agencies
    • Crowdfunding
    • Cryptocurrency Software and Design
    • Online Sales and Marketing
    • Webinars and Coaching
    • Manufacturing
    • Telecommunications
    • Ranching and Farming
    • Product Development
    • Aviation and Space Systems
    • Software Platforms and Applications
    • Complex Governance and Business Strategy
    • Non-Profits, Universities, Churches, and Charities

This is but a small representative sample.  No business is too big or too small and likely our experience won’t cover it.  If we do not have direct experience our Advisory Network of consultants and advisors likely “know someone who can help you!”

What Client's Are Saying

Thanks to Spectrum Advanced Markets Inc. I was able to take my business where I always wanted to. They helped me in every turn and kept me updated on the changes, progress, profits, and losses that my company was making.
business ideas
Emma G.
I would recommend Spectrum Advanced Markets Inc. and its services to every business owner, new or old. They utilize every tool and technology when it comes to offering you a quality service for your business.-
business ideas
Brook K.
Not only Spectrum Advanced Markets Inc. helped my business take off from the starting position, but they also kept track of everything that affected the business. Thanks to their help, our business soared.
John K.
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