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With our Franchise Development, you can increase your business’s reach tremendously.
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Why Choose Us For Franchise Development?

Franchise Development helps business owners and entrepreneurs to franchise their business concept using business-format franchising.  Our collaborative team of franchise experts can help you:

  • Complete Your Franchise Readiness Assessment
  • Develop Your Go-To-Market Franchise Strategy
  • Develop Your Franchise Disclosure Document using our Franchise Attorney
  • Develop Your Franchise Licensing Agreement using our Franchise Attorney
  • Develop Your Business Manual using our Franchise Experts
  • Develop Your Training Manual using our ISD certified Trainers
  • Develop Your Trademark using our Franchise Attorney
  • Develop Your Home Office Team using our Franchise Experts
  • Develop Your Home Office Sales Team using our Franchise Sales Experts
  • Become Your Brand Manager and coordinate Franchise Brokers
  • Use our more than 34 years of experience to coach you every step of the way!
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Our clients rate us tops in customer services and have discovered how we can do this work typically for up to 50% of our competition’s asking price.  We have helped 100’s of brands to successfully franchise their concept and several have achieved Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500® status.

We Offer First Class Service at a Fair Price!

Solving The Puzzle of Franchise Development

There are nine key result areas that must be ready before you franchise your business.  

  • We begin with one or more complementary interviews with our team to understand your business and discuss your vision to become a franchisor.  
  • Next, we provide you a detailed written proposal that puts in writing all that we discussed during your complimentary interviews.  
  • Once you decide this process is right for you, then:
    • The Discovery Phase Begins.  Typically, we send one or more advisors to your operating location or we do a Video Conference and we learn what a “Day In The Life Of Your Business Looks Like.” 
    • Our Franchise Readiness Assessment analyzes your business and determines a numerical readiness for over 120 specific functions in the 9 key result areas.
  • After reporting the results of the Franchise Readiness Assessment via video conference, then our team works with your management team to create the deployment strategy for your franchise.  If your concept needs to be other than a franchise, we discuss it here.
  • Our business strategy team does a complete competition and target marketing analysis.
  • We work with you to determine your franchise territory and buildout requirements.
  • Our franchise attorney team begins to format the Franchise Disclosure Document, Franchise Agreement, Trademark filings, and all the supporting documents.
  • Our operations team captures policies, procedures, protocols, etc. and we develop your required Operations Manual.
  • Our training team works with your team to establish Home Office Training and Location Training.
  • Our sales team custom develops your sales protocols to properly offer your franchisee in compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • We help you design your Discovery Day format.
  • An analyst works with you to develop a profit analyzer for a franchise unit.
  • If requested, we set up and operate as your Brand Manager to oversee Franchise Broker sales activity.
  • Our marketing team helps you establish best practices for the franchise offering and franchisee local marketing.
  • And much more.  Mostly, we have done this a few hundred times, you are paying us a small amount of money to reduce costly mistakes in franchising your concept.  

What Client's Are Saying

My company approached Spectrum Advanced Markets Inc. because we wanted to increase our franchise to the other smaller cities. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much experience and workforce to do so, but SAMI helped us throughout our journey.
Lester K.
There are not enough business and franchise development services providers like Spectrum Advanced Markets Inc. They helped our business grow from where it was to where It is and expand to other cities.
Clay J
We would never have thought that our small franchise would ever leave our city. But Spectrum Advanced Markets Inc. helped us reach other cities, states, and customers that we wouldn’t have been able to reach ourselves.
Mark M.
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