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Sharing Capitalism

As an author, public speaker, and thought leader, Dr. Needham has written over 20 books, numerous training programs, white papers, and appeared on more than 400 radio and television shows covering personal development, franchising, business, and economics.  

Dr. Needham’s  last four books are a series called The Abundant Way.  His most recent book entitled, Escaping Economic Slavery – A Journey From Scarcity To Abundance Through Sharing Capitalism™.  In this book, he develops the idea of Sharing Capitalism™ and how our movement is returning freedom to the American Worker by overcoming the giants of Big Government, Big Business, Big Banking, Big Media, and Big Tech!  We invite you to learn more about how we collaborate and share profits in this new economic paradigm.


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Dr. Needham is currently working on a new book to be released soon called Sharing Capitalism – Collaboration in the 21st Century.  

A Deeper Look At Sharing Capitalism

We live in chaotic times.  COVID-19 has changed the way we work.  New Collaborative Methods are being developed to meet the growing demand for “remote workers” and “freelancers.”

Capitalism and Socialism are both failing us and leadership in Big Government is confused.  It is time for a freedom revolution, will you join our movement?

Scarcity or the Law of Supply and Demand is failing our economy due to Big Government, Big Business, Big Banking, Big Media, and Big Tech’s manipulation of supply.  Dr. Needham believes the failing economic strategies, like scarcity, should be replaced with strategies based on an abundance mindset.

Sharing Capitalism is a 21st-century solution to a current problem.  It values the worker’s contribution to the value chain.  It stops economic slavery and eliminates the free-riding dilemma.  It overcomes the theft of Big Tech platforms that use technology to make billions on your excess behavior value.  Dr. Needham says, “It’s time to stop renting your life as an economic slave and start owning your life and the abundance it generates!” Further, he says, “It’s Time We Get Paid!”

We invite you to participate in our free and paid webinar series where you can learn about Sharing Capitalism, our movement, and how you can live an abundant life.  

What Client's Are Saying

I am a franchise business and development specialist and "Solving The Puzzle Of Owning A Franchise" is absolutely my favorite book on franchising. I highly recommend Dr. Needham and SPECTRUM Advanced Markets
A friend referred me to SPECTRUM to franchise my business. After meeting the team, I knew this was the company for me. It took about 8 weeks and today I am a franchisor and offering licenses for my business model.
We selected SPECTRUM and Dr. Needham to help us develop a Sharing Capitalism strategy for our international network of entrepreneurs. I am HAPPY to recommend SPECTRUM's services to you.
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